Early Stage investment at the intersection of media, technology and entertainment


Freelands Ventures is an early stage venture fund investing at the intersection of media, technology and entertainment.

We believe that success is shaped as much by access to great partners and networks as it is by capital. We provide internal strategic and operational experience and a best-in-class global network of media, brand and partner relationships to help accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies.

We like to collaborate with teams where it is immediately apparent how we can add value and support to a bold ambition.

We are based in London but invest wherever we find the most brilliant people and products.


Elisabeth Murdoch
Managing Partner
  • Shine - Acquired 2011
  • BSkyB
  • Fox
Tom Wright
  • freuds
  • gurgle - Acquired 2010
  • BookArmy - Acquired 2009
  • BSkyB
Rob Johnson
Venture Partner
  • Palamon
  • Delta Partners
  • LBS
  • IESE


Freelands Ventures is supported by an advisory network made up of more than fifty of the world's leading media executives and entrepreneurs. This group helps identify, analyse and support our teams and investments and includes…

Mike Jones
Chris Thorogood
Finn Harries
Peter Chernin
Chernin Group
Ynon Kreis
Charles Dunstone
Jeremy Darroch
Matt Clifford
Charlie Redmayne


Los Angeles
Acquired by Disney
Los Angeles
Washington and London
Los Angeles & London
Acquired by Cisco
San Francisco
Acquired by Mic
London and LA
San Fransisco
Los Angeles and San Francisco
Los Angeles

investment criteria

We are based in London but don’t operate to any geographical constraints. We work very closely with sister funds in the US and are excited by opportunities that can travel in either direction.

We back products and teams, not business plans. Traction can be about formation of a world class team but usually means a small but hyper-engaged audience and a product that meets a consumer or market need.

We do invest in later-stage businesses that we admire where there is shared ambition, complementary networks or a mutual appetite to create a new opportunity.

Investment works best where there is mutual appreciation. We like to see industry experience, technical excellence and a balanced skill set.

We really like founders who tell us what they are going to do and then do it.